Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I believe that most of us have our own pets or maybe dreaming to get one..dogs, cats, birds, fish,and many more..well, in my case..I choose dog! I'm a big fan of DOG!!!Maybe some of you wonder, why dog???

Well, here's the things that you all should know about dog..dogs have ability to learn, think and solving problems. They are also the only animals that has the ability to see right into your eyes and trying to understand you by looking deep into your eyes. Heck, is that trueeee???Try it yourself..and just to let you know, i've experienced that so i have faith in this.

Like my dog, I called her Panda. Panda has this bad habits that makes all of my family members felt uneasy. She loves entering the house and sits just beside us while we're eating, and she will be very busy shoving our legs with her paw begging for leftovers food. I think she is very brilliant dog!!! Whenever my family members shouted at her and asking her to get out from the house, she will sits down (practically lay down) and look at you with her big rounded brown eyes and it was like, "please let me stay..pleaseeeeee???"..well, let me ask you..when you see a dog eyes with that cute and begging face, will you still shouting at her and maybe hitting her so that she will go out??Of course not right??? our case, we have to carry her outside because she will never wants to moveeeee!!!Well, she will only go outside voluntary when its comes to my mom or my big for me, my big sister and my dad..Panda will just look at us and showing that begging face..well, as expected..we are always fell for that looks!She just a very adorable dog!!!

Panda currently has 6 puppies..(but 4 of them already adopted by a good and responsible family) and what I loves about Panda is that she is a very responsible mom. hehehe...what I'm trying to say here is that like this one time, my other dog called Lungayo (because he is soooo big & tall), Turbo (called that because he is very fast and was  ran over by car twice but still okay until now) and Golunau (Because his fur is very smooth) bullies Panda's puppies. Well, the puppies was scared and was barking and hiding to defend themselves. Well, you know what..Panda actually defends her puppies, she covers her puppies while barking furiously at the others dog. Well, that touched me..even though she only an animal, she still have a "mommy human" instinct. 

Here is the good news about animals lovers. I'am very pleased to inform you all that our government has a new law regarding about animals cruelty which says that anyone guilty of an offence of cruelty to animals shall be liable to a fine of RM200 or imprisonment for a term of six months or both . Well, for animals hater, please think back before you do a cruelty on animals, you might going to regret it !!!Don't you ever dare to run over any dogs or cats or what so ever animals. Remember, they are creatures without brain..we are human with brain, so use your brain and be extra careful when you're driving. 

So that's it so far..see you all again next time..Enjoy reading and make this a thought for today..see yaaaa...

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